The best surfer out there

is the one having the most fun

Phil Edwards

Our school is innovative and highly professional.
Surf lessons are with a maximum of 6 people per instructor with personalized feedbacks. The school guarantees quality and safety in all lessons, with appropriate conditions to your surf level. Our instructors, as local experienced surfers, know the Ericeira World Surfing Reserve perfectly and they choose every day the best spot and timetable for the lessons.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an expert surfer, among our offers you’ll find the right pack for you!


BEGINNER level 1/2

Beginner level is suitable for absolute beginners who want to learn the basics of surfing and for surfers who want to learn how to catch left and right green waves and to improve their paddling technique to reach the line up.



Intermediate level is suitable for surfers who can catch and ride green waves on their own and want to learn how to perform maneuvers on the wave and to improve their knowledge on spot analysis and wave reading.



Our school offer lessons in separate groups for kids starting from 6 years old ensuring safety, quality and fun and private individual or group lessons for surfers who want to be followed by a personal instructor in the water.

Miguel Fortes
Miguel Fortes is one of the best surfers in Ericeira thanks to his technique and style; he knows better than anyone the barrels of Coxos. Miguel is a Billabong rider, recognized surf instructor and coach surfer by the FPS (Portuguese Surfing Federation).

Michel Amaro
Michel Amaro started surfing at the age of 14 in Ericeira and he was international surf judge for 20 years in the Association of Professionals Surfers. He is a respected surfer, graduated as surf instructor and coach surfer by the FPS (Portuguese Surfing Federation).


Our photographer offers
his knowledge of Ericeira spots

and his professional expertise
for individual and group shoots.

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