Grow and evolve your practice
with our workshops!

Tap into greater movement ability and explore deeper aspects of yoga and its techniques. Every Wednesday our workshop teachers Christine and Federico will take you on a 2 hour experience to get a deeper understanding of anatomy, posture, intelligent-sequencing, body-mind connection and the big role of the breath.
Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced yogi – our workshops are designed to deepen you learning and answer your questions.
Workshop is an extra activity not included in the packages.


Yoga Foundations – LYT yoga
with Christine Mack

Wednesday from 3.30pm to 5.30pm
16.03 | 30.03 | 13.04 | 27.04 | 11.05 | 18.05 | 08.06 | 22.06 | 06.07 | 20.07 | 27.07 | 03.08 | 24.08 | 31.8 | 14.09 | 21.09 | 05.10 | 02.11 | 09.11 | 16.11 | 23.11 |  30.11

What is a neutral pelvis and why is it so important for a healthy movement?
Our pelvis provides the foundation for the spine, proper joint movement, and it’s fundamental for taking big, deep breaths. Invest 2 precious hours focusing on your pelvis alignment and the areas around that tend to be roadblocks of energy. We’ll mobilize the fascia and strengthen the core, to bring more energy into your body and more peace into your spirit.
You’ll practice the full blueprint of the LYT™ yoga method and get many 1:1 tips for your personal practice and overall alignment.

The Rishikesh series
with Federico Zanchetta

Wednesday from 11.30am to 1.30pm
23.03 | 06.04 | 20.04 | 04.05 | 25.05 | 01.06 | 15.06 | 29.06 | 13.07 | 10.8 | 24.08 | 07.09 | 28.09 | 12.10 | 26.10

The rishikesh series is a workshop based on a sequence of pranayama, asana and relaxation designed by guru Swami Sivananda. The practice will begin with pranayama, with the intent of quieting the mind in preparation for physical practice. The sequence of 12 asanas follows the order of creation of the endocrine system (chakra system).
Being the first, inverted asanas, we will dedicate some time to deepen some aspects, and eventually clarify doubts or uncertainties.
The structure of this class is very powerful, find out the effect it has on you.

Our workshops are suitable for everyone who wants to…

  • try new movement techniques to establish and improve a sustainable
    and safe yoga practice
  • learn more about the importance of the core to move the body the most efficient way
  • get rid of restrictions in the body and recharge the energy level
  • experience the benefits of a more balanced mental and physical health
  • receive inspiration, ask questions and learn from experienced yoga teachers

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